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Rabu, 21 Desember 2011

Coco ly - feline cerebellar hypoplasia (paralyze karena syaraf otaknya terganggu karena otaknya mengecil ) - TERADOPSI

Dearest All,

28 November 2011

Coco ly adalah kucing stray rescue team PK, ditemukan depan restaurant di wilayah senopati saat itu kondisi coco ly berjalan dengan terhuyung-huyung, kemudian segera di bawa ke klinik Pet Vet Sudirman kemudian setelah dilakukan serangkaian test, bahkan sampai membahasnya kepada dokter senior di Jerman, kesimpulannya coco ly menderita feline cerebellar hypoplasia (paralyze karena syaraf otaknya terganggu karena otaknya mengecil )


I think Coco could have been exposed in utero when the mom had either a vaccine for Panleukopenia, or was sick from Panleuk. If a cat is exposed during pregnancy, the virus can cause the cerebellar hypoplasia in the kittens. Maybe the mom received a modified live feline panleukopenia vaccine during pregnancy or just got the virus then, but you cannot tell since she is stray. Since feline panleukopaenia will cause the problems with development of the brain when she is still not born yet, she does not shed virus, so you will have a negative test (and the virus in the kitten does not induce antibodies since the kitten is too young in the uterus). She will only be positive if she got sick from the virus after born, and you would see the diarrhea, fever, low white count, and other things, but she is not having that now, and so the test will be negative. You have no other way to know it for sure except your brain telling you that this is all it can be. Go to the website:

and watch the cats with cerebellar hypoplasia (CH) and see if she looks like them. If so, she has to have been exposed as a young kitten before birth, and there is no treatment, but she can do okay as long as she can eat and does not fall down and hurt herself when walking. She will never get worse, so if she's okay, then no treatment is needed. I don't believe accupuncture will change anything, since it is a development problem and the brain is already developed as much as she can be.

Coco ly di Klinik Pet Vet (ditangani oleh drh. Eka)

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Tagihan pengobatan Cocoly pada Klinik PetVet Total Rp. 1.027.500 - dibukukan pada Laporan Keuangan Peduli Kucing bulan Desember 2011 untuk biaya :

1. Rawat inap 23 hari - 28 November s/d 21 Desember 2011
2. Dua kali X-ray 28 November dan 29 November 2011
3. Test Toxo dan Test Panleukopenia
4. Vaksin Tetracat

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